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CCB #241383 WA: HAWTHGC781PC

To the homeowner with roofing problems: 

How to get a FREE inspection and quote right away for your roof project

It is a seriously stressful time when there is something wrong with your roof. We want to help you get the project going and the only way to begin is with a thorough inspection and fully laid out quote. 

Would you like a personalized inspection of your entire roof including your attic?

 We do full inspections with photos, video, and detailed explanations of what we see. When you get a quote from us you know exactly why we are recommending repairs or replacements. There are no surprises and no hidden fees. Let us help you take good care of your home.

3632 Northeast 81st Avenue, Portland, Oregon, United States
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3632 Northeast 81st Avenue, Portland, Oregon, United States (dragged) 4
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3632 Northeast 81st Avenue, Portland, Oregon, United States (dragged)

Who do we work with?

We work with first time home owners, landlords, businesses, long-time home owners, professional construction workers, and artists to name a few. We’ve worked with all types of people with all levels of knowledge about their home and roofing. If you want to get nerdy with us about roofs we love that! If you want us to keep the details to a minimum we can do that too 😉

See what our previous customers are saying


If you are ready to have us do an inspection, fill out your name and number and we will get back to you right away! 

We are a small local business based out of Portland, Oregon. Honesty and Integrity are our top priorities as a company. We know roofing, and we know business. Keeping our customers happy so they recommend us to their friends and family is how we are succeeding in this competitive industry. 

What sets Hawthorne General Construction apart?

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What if I don’t know what is wrong with my roof?

No worries, that is what we are here for! We offer a free inspection because in most cases you may not know where the problems are stemming from. We can’t really tell you without taking a look and making sure your unique situation is inspected. We include pictures, video and a full explanation because this information may be outside of your wheelhouse and we want you to see what we see.

So how does this all work?
What is the full process?





Step #1 We go to your house to take a first-hand look at your problems. One of our inspectors (Adam or Nicholas) will pre-arrange a time that works best for you to stop by and do a full inspection.

Step #2 We look at everything! We check gutters, rock loss, loose shingles, water intrusion, organic growth, chimneys, boots, pipes, eaves, skylights, and all parts of the attic. We want to make sure at the end of our inspection you have a full picture of what needs to be dealt with and what is doing great.

Step #3 We go over the results with you on the spot. Depending on your needs (financial, timing, materials etc.) we will recommend what to fix and how. Sometimes the finances aren’t there to do a full replacement. We understand!! We will do everything we can to help you patch things temporarily in a responsible way if that’s what you need. We are low-pressure and truly want to help you with what your goals are for your house or property. Remember, there is no cost to our inspection and quote.

Step #4 At this point we will go over your options. What type of materials we offer and how they compare (metal vs asphalt vs tile etc.), how that affects pricing, if you need financing, how to apply, and finally, the timeline of the proposed work. 

Step #5 After your inspection we will go back to the office and write up a full quote including multiple options if that is what we discussed. We also include the Roofr report so you can see how we calculate our estimate based on the satellite estimate of square footage (it’s super cool!). 

Step #6 We encourage you to get quotes from multiple companies. We are confident that you will want to work with us based on our thoroughness and price points. We are usually on the lower end of quotes because we are a small company and don’t add a ton of markup for overhead. Our work speaks for itself and our previous customers love us! Once you are ready to get started and accept our quote we get you on the calendar and answer any questions you may have. From thereon we are very available by phone, text, or email if you need any help as we go along with the job.

Step #7 Once you are on the calendar, we get the materials ahead of time and store them at our facility. Assuming the weather doesn’t get crazy, we will pick a date that works for you and is the soonest we can do it (generally that will be within a few weeks unless it is an emergency job with active water damage, in which case we will usually be able to help right away). Also, it rains a lot in Oregon and Washington. We can still do roofing jobs in light rain. We use a technique that takes small sections at a time so that the materials do not get damaged during installation. If it snows or is heavy rain we most likely delay until the weather improves.

Step #8 On the start day of the job our crew will show up at your house and introduce themselves as coming from Hawthorne General Construction. We use catch-all nets to protect your plants and yard, so we set those up first. If we are doing a full replacement we start by tearing off the old roof. Sometimes there are multiple layers (we’ve seen up to 6 layers on a roof!). We are tidy and mindful of your home and surroundings when we tear off so it should not impact you. We also bring our own dumpster so we can usually go straight from the roof into the dumpster avoiding extra debris getting into your yard.

Step #9 Once the tear-off is finished we will replace any plywood that has been damaged with organic growth or excessive water. This is the first and main thick barrier that protects the inside of your house from the elements.

Step #10 We then put down the underlayment. A fancy material that creates a water barrier between the plywood and the weather or condensation. This is laid all over the roof in neat rows so that there is no exposed space, only overlapped sections.

Step #11 We then add the shingles and nail them to the plywood. We use nails instead of staples (the old way of doing it). Nails will rust but not break like thin staples or wiggle out of the hole because of the alternating heating and cooling from the elements which can leave exposed holes in your roof. We also use shingles that have reinforced areas where we nail so it won’t weaken the shingle when we attach it.

Step #12 Once the roof is fully installed we will clean up and take the dumpster to the dump to dispose of your old materials. We take any excess materials back and refund you if we didn’t use something we thought we needed. From there you should be all set! We stand by our work and offer a 1-10 year workmanship guarantee. Also, most of our shingles offer a 50-year guarantee. If you have any problems at all, give us a call and we will fix anything that you are not satisfied with! We really appreciate our customers and want to build long-term relationships with the clients we work with!

What do I receive from an inspection and quote?

  1. Copies of photos and videos we take during our inspection

  2. A copy of our write up on our inspection form

  3. A Roofr report which shows the exact dimensions of your roof and your specific architecture 

  4. A quote which includes any options we discussed in person. This will include variations like different shingles, materials, or style of roof (such as metal vs asphalt shingle, Malarkey vs. GAF). We want you to be happy, so we are happy to discuss all of the options we have.

We have 5.0 stars on Google, YELP, BBB, and Networx. Our customers have great things to say about working with us. We’ve been able to help so many people in different situations, from active leaks, to thick and worn-out roofs over 30 years old. We’ve seen a lot of types of situations and we will honestly tell you what we see and how we can move forward. Don’t worry about managing a large home project. We’ve got you covered with our seamless systems and project managers.

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Picture your roof, one of your largest investments in your home, in great condition with current recycled materials that will last you 50 years. Imagine not having to worry about your roof for another 15-20 years! What a huge relief for any homeowner.
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