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Synthetic Underlayment – What You Need To Know

Are you preparing for a new roof in Portland, Oregon? If so, you’ve probably heard of underlayment. But what is it and why would you want synthetic underlayment instead of the traditional felt paper? Let’s answer these questions by taking a closer look at what this material can do for your roof!

What is Underlayment?

Underlayment is an important material that is installed between the deck of your roof and the shingles or tiles. It provides multiple functions, including protection from water penetration in case of minor leaks and extra insulation against extreme temperatures. It also serves as added protection against winds that could cause your shingles or tiles to lift away and blow off the roof. This layer of protection helps to extend the life of your new roof by providing additional durability.

malarkey synthetic underlayment with cap nails

Synthetic Underlayment vs. Felt Paper

When it comes to choosing between synthetic underlayment and traditional felt paper, there are a few key differences to consider. Synthetic underlayment is made from polypropylene fabric or similar materials and provides superior performance than its traditional counterpart due to its durability and breathability. This type of material also has an increased resistance to fire, wind, mold growth, UV exposure, and other environmental damage. Additionally, it is much lighter than felt paper which makes installation easier.

For all these reasons, investing in synthetic underlayment for your roof may be worth considering if you want added protection and longevity for your new roof installation! Task management is key to staying organized and on track with construction projects.


Underlayment plays an important role in protecting your home from water damage caused by minor leaks as well as protecting it from wind-driven rain and other environmental factors like ultraviolet light exposure. While traditional felt paper can provide adequate insulation for some applications, synthetic underlayment offers superior performance due to its increased durability and breathability as well as having improved resistance against fire, mold growth, UV exposure, and other environmental damage. For all these reasons listed above, investing in synthetic underlayment for your Portland home’s new roof installation may be worth considering if you desire extra protection from the elements!

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