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Hood River Roofing

Hood River Roofing

Hood River Roofing is a specialty. The winds of the beautiful scenic Gorge can create high-hazard conditions when roofing. This home to the right is a Hood River roof project that sits on State St. This roof is a 12/12 pitch, three stories high. We specialize in Hood River roofing as our crew is trained to work on steep pitches while maintaining a safe worksite.  

Hood River Roof


Hood River Roof


Hood River roofing is a specialty that not every roofer has perfected. We have completed many steep roofing jobs in the Hood River area from 3 story church steeples, vertical walled barns, and multi-million dollar homes in the heart of the Gorge.

- Adam Cornett, Founder & Co-Owner

Hood River Roofing Partners

Why use Hawthorne as my Roofing Contractor in Hood River?

Hood River roofing takes a serious roofing crew that knows what they are doing. Too many roofing companies hire day laborers to roof houses. Without years of training, you don't want to put a new roofer on a windy roof. When we install roofs in Hood River and the gorge, we ALWAYS use a 6-nail application for maximum protection against wind. We also suggest IKO Dynasty shingles for their wind-protective strip which will provide a wind rating of 130 MPH. See this video that show how IKO is stronger than even Owens Corning Duration

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