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Salem Roofing

Salem Roofing

This Salem Roofing project to the right was 11 condo buildings in an HOA. These were old concrete roofs that had been serviced for years by Pfeifer Roofing. The HOA got many bids and ours was the second lowest. The HOA roofing committee chose to work with us for our honesty, transparency, and dedication to our craft. This was in the middle of COVID with shipping delays on certain products but we came in under budget and all of the owners were very happy with our crew, our workmanship, and the way their new roofs looked. 

Roofing in Salem can be a challenge. What you might not know about Salem roofing is that most of the roofers for the entire Portland metro area live in Salem. There are many roofers out there who do weekend work for not much less than a licensed, bonded, and insured roofer will charge you. Having someone on your roof without these designations puts you at risk for a home insurance claim if anyone gets injured. Before you choose an unlicensed person to roof your home, call us to get a quote.

- Adam Cornett, Founder & Co-Owner

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Why use Hawthorne as my Roofing Contractor in Salem?

We offer very affordable prices compared to almost any other licensed, bonded, and insured Salem roofing company. Be sure to give HGC a call before you move forward with anyone else. As a Salem roofing company, we offer the most for the least amount of money, guaranteed.

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