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Portland Roof Repair

Our head inspector, Adam, is the team captain for Portland roof repairs. He will come out to your location to inspect your roof and give you an estimate. If it is an easy fix, he will do the repair then and there. Otherwise, we will get you on the calendar and taken care of usually within a week of inspection.

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We handle all kinds of roof repairs in Portland and if you need more than a repair we can help you with that too!

Some examples of jobs we have recently handled are:
  • Shingles that flew off the roof
  • A branch stuck through a roof
  • A mysterious leak
  • Replacing pipe jacks
  • Replacing a box vent
  • Storm damage
  • New caulking through a roof

Customer Reviews

We had a roof leak so I was panic and called out the number I found from craiglist. Lucky me, Adam's team is very professional and quick response. They were able detect the leak and fix it along with other services that I request in the same week. When come to the roof problems, they are only one in my list. Very happy with the service. Thank you

I had a leak spring through my ceiling and Adam came out to give me an estimate the next day. He was quick he was on time and very honest. I’ve had other companies come out and tell me that my roof isn’t attached to the house and it’s going to fall in on me. Adam was honest and said that actually it is really common and normal in older houses. They patched up the hole the same day at a very good price and sent me an ebill so I didn’t have to go back out to the property. I would recommend them with 5 big stars ⭐️!

Adam was quick and communicative when I had a roof leak, he and his team navigated my complex roof situation and documented everything they found and did, a great experience.


I would like to thank Adam and tram for the great service they provided when we needed the most. our roofs flew off due to high wind and somebosy neded to fix it right away to avoid significant leak to our living room. When requested, Adam and team drove immediately to our business from Salem - about 100 miles to cascade locks in critical weather. they contained the leak eoth tarp and fix the entire roof next day. i would be delighted to recomlend the team for any roof work or any other service they provide. Adam is very friendly and alwqys ready to help.
Thank you team.

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If you need a roof repair call us, text us, or fill out this form.

We will get back to you right away.

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