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Portland Roofing

As a Portland Roofing company, Hawthorne General Construction is dedicated to keeping our job site, your home, clean. We cover the ground with tarps as well as use netting systems where appropriate. Many Portland roofing companies let the materials fall straight into your yard, we work hard to prevent that from happening by covering the ground where shingles will fall. 

Our goal as a Portland Roofing company is to continually seek out and offer the best roofing products to our customers. We cut zero corners, we always do what is best for the home, and we do it all at a price that blows away our competition.

- Adam Cornett, Founder & Co-Owner

Portland Roofing Partners

Why use Hawthorne as my Roofing Contractor in Portland?

Hawthorne General Construction was born as a Portland roofing Company. We started out working for other Portland roofing companies and when we learned just how much those companies take advantage of their customers by overcharging, we sought to create a different kind of roofing company. We work to earn your trust, we seek out knowledge, and we are working to be the best Portland roofing company we can be.

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