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Products & Partners

We only work with the best. We have a range of options in terms of pricing but never quality! We value long lasting high quality materials and environmentally friendly companies. 


Brava Roof Tile

Beautifully Authentic
High-Performance Roofing

We are a certified installer for Brava Roof Tiles. These are high end composite versions of tile, slate, and cedar that are made out of recycled materials. They have amazing handmade quality and impressive durability.


Malarkey is a leader of the shingle industry. They started in Portland as a family owned company! They prioritize sustainability and environmentalism. Each roof saves approximately 5 tires from the landfill. 

Integrity & Environmentalism

Roofing is not traditionally a green business. The more we can do to invest in technology and material science that will help the planet the better! Both Malarkey and Brava really make an effort to move the dial towards sustainability. We are proud to partner with them and share their values. 



Image by Caleb Jones
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