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Tin Wall

Siding can transform your home's value

We are dedicated to excellent installation practices. We want to beautify your home. The pacific northwest is dominated by James Hardie. JH offers fire protection, rot resistance, impenetrable to pests, and weather resistant. Contact us today for a free beautification consultation.


House Wrap

After we remove the old boards, we wrap your home with a house wrap. If new plywood is needed we will replace the plywood as necessary. We cover up the plywood with a house wrap to protect your plywood.

Additionally, when we need to install plywood, we prefer the Zip system. Huber’s Zip system offers a waterproof plywood with an insulation factor.


We install primed James Hardie with flashing behind each joint. OSI Quad Max caulking is installed where the siding meets the trim. We recommend not caulking the joints, as JH recommends, however, sometimes our customers demand the joints be caulked out of fear.

When caulking the siding, using just any caulk can crack. We want to use a caulk that will expand and contract along with the boards to prevent cracking. A gap is left between boards so they do not crack against each other.


Paint the Siding

After the primed board is installed, we then paint. We paint year round as long as the temperature is about 32 degrees. The boards must be painted soon after install to maintain the warranty.

We use high quality paint that lasts. You should repaint your home every 10-years in order to protect the siding. James Hardie also offers “color-plus” siding that offers a 20-year paint job. These boards come factory painted.

Beautify Your Home!

Siding upgrades are not cheap however it is the number one change to update the look of your home.

Contact us today if you are interested in upgrading your home. We take pride in our work and offer a variety of colors. Pair them with a new roof

We appreciate the opportunity to beautify your home. With our well practiced installers, we will bring your vision intro reality. Call us today for a consultation.


To add to the beautification, we can install new windows and a new roof.



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